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Our newsletter is intended to keep the ANSYS user community fully up-to-date with useful product information, upcoming events, current training courses and will contain links where you can download a variety of information, read up on case studies, pick up top analysis tips, free downloads or just check our schedule of when the next ANSYS training courses will be run.

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Newsletter 128 | August 2014
Realise Your Product Promise with ANSYS virtual engineering solutions.
Welcome to the August newsletter of 2014. This issue is full of useful product information, upcoming events, training courses, analysis tips and more.
ANSYS and Spaceclaim: a greater whole?
The biggest news of late in the design software sphere was when simulation giant ANSYS announced its acquisition of direct modelling leader SpaceClaim in a deal valued at $85million. What was perhaps most surprising about this deal was not that simulation and CAD should have moved closer together, but that it should have been a simulation company purchasing CAD capability rather than the other way around.
SpaceClaim is the world’s fastest and most innovative 3D direct modeller. SpaceClaim brings 3D solid modeling to the desktops of engineers and analysts who work in 3D. This recent demo of the week shows how easy it is to customise shortcuts in Spaceclaim and streamline your workflow.
SpaceClaim Demo of the Week - Customising Shortcuts
ANSYS Releases SCADE v15.2 for Systems Engineering
Efficiently designing complex systems and embedded software applications are a challenge for many organisations due to a lack of efficient collaboration among engineering teams and databases. The newly released SCADE System 15.2 from ANSYS solves these challenges by providing new, unique capabilities and enhancements that offer the most advanced approach to guide complex systems engineering designs.
IDAC are running a one day FEA & CFD Simulation workshop on the 22nd October in Croydon. This event will exhibit the capabilities of using simulation software in an engineering environment and aims to be informative and interactive. Each company that attends will receive a £250 voucher to redeem against any of IDAC’s services or software.
Events: Simulation Workshop 22nd October
Tips: Repositioning Analysis Systems in Workbench
Here we have a quick ANSYS technical tip. ANSYS users can now reorganise the boxes in their Project Schematic to group together particular components when constructing their analyses. By default, ANSYS groups the boxes in a way of it's own choosing.
This case study details an optimisation project undertaken to perform a structural analysis and design optimisation of a plastic holding tool. By replacing the aluminium with unreinforced Nylon 66 the weight reduction and cost savings in both the material and manufacturing process are enormous. Russ Challis, the Design Engineer at W T Henley, was very impressed with the outcome of the project.
Case Study: Design Optimisation of Plastic Holding Tool
What people say...
         "Personally I would now be prepared to use FEA at the outset of any future project, rather than go through endless cycles of prototyping and testing."
- Russ Challis, W T Henley Ltd
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27th Aug.
 Training: Upcoming ANSYS Courses
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