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Our newsletter is intended to keep the ANSYS user community fully up-to-date with useful product information, upcoming events, current training courses and will contain links where you can download a variety of information, read up on case studies, pick up top analysis tips, free downloads or just check our schedule of when the next ANSYS training courses will be run.

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Newsletter 124 | Apr. 2014
Welcome to our April 2014 newsletter. This issue is full of useful product information, upcoming events, training courses, competitions, analysis tips and more.
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ANSYS Application Customisation Toolkit (ACT) Extensions allow you to obtain more value from the ANSYS Workbench environment by extending it's functionality. Our customised extension lets you easily create 3DPDF documents from within the Workbench menu system. You can then pan, zoom, rotate and investigate the embedded 3D model in full detail all from within a Portable Document Format.
SpaceClaim 2014 now supports the creation and editing of draft about complex surfaces. This lets mold makers adjust models and molds as needed in quick fashion. No longer is model recreation necessary. Just edit as needed and move on to other projects. This video gives a simple example of the new feature within the pull tool.
A Simulation Workshop for Engineering Professionals held in Croydon, Surrey, on 30th April. The Workshop will feature presentations and demonstrations on the latest simulation technologies and their applications available to engineers. This is a free event, and lunch is provided. One attendee from each company will also receive a discount voucher worth £250 off any IDAC services.
This year the 2014 ANSYS Convergence Conference is being held in Leicester on June 18-19, 2014. This event is complimentary and will be featuring engineering experts and other thought leaders who offer best practices to apply simulation technologies to create breakthrough products.
ANSYS macros are very powerful tools to automate repetitive processes and to introduce greater flexibility, and usability within ANSYS. This article is not intended to be an introduction to writing macros for Mechanical, but to merely show some of the basic concepts, illustrate what is possible, and hopefully plant ideas about how macros could make your analysis life easier.
10th Apr.
15th - 16th Apr.
29th Apr.
7th - 8th May.
12th - 13th May.
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