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Our newsletter is intended to keep the ANSYS user community fully up-to-date with useful product information, upcoming events, current training courses and will contain links where you can download a variety of information, read up on case studies, pick up top analysis tips, free downloads or just check our schedule of when the next ANSYS training courses will be run.

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Newsletter 127 | July 2014
Dear Client,
Welcome to the July newsletter of 2014. This issue is full of useful product information, upcoming events, training courses, competitions, analysis tips and more.
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Engineers can spend a great deal of time researching information on material properties and with this in mind we can offer you two material properties databases. The first is a basic 250 materials database and the second is a larger 400 materials database which also includes 254 nonlinear material data curves, such as Fatigue, nonlinear Stress-Strain, Temp-Dependent Young's Modulus and more.
With SpaceClaim, users can now create core box designs faster than ever before. The secret is in the flexibility of direct modeling and the intuitive user interface. No other tool combines such functionality into one. The result is an unprecedented tool that lets you model and design the way you think. This video gives you an example of a relatively complex model whose core and core box are extracted in minutes.
Tens of thousands of football fans can focus on the action on the pitch during the upcoming FIFA World Cup without having to be concerned about the structural integrity of the stadium. Engineers completed the analysis in two weeks for 66 percent lower costs compared to physical testing methods.
IDAC are running a one day FEA & CFD Simulation workshop on the 22nd October in Croydon. This event will exhibit the capabilities of using simulation software in an engineering environment and aims to be informative and interactive. Each company that attends will receive a £250 voucher to redeem against any of IDAC’s services or software.
Trim Contact, first introduced in ANSYS 14.5, is a great tool for reducing the number of unnecessary contact and target elements in large assemblies. In ANSYS 15.0, we have changed the default to activate trim contact even for application involving large deflection.
Friction-induced brake squeal has been a challenging issue for the automotive industry for decades; it has become particularly important today as other sources of noise have been reduced or eliminated. TRW validated a new method that uses ANSYS Mechanical software to establish the initial contact and compute the sliding contact between the pads and the disc.
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