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Our newsletter is intended to keep the ANSYS user community fully up-to-date with useful product information, upcoming events, current training courses and will contain links where you can download a variety of information, read up on case studies, pick up top analysis tips, free downloads or just check our schedule of when the next ANSYS training courses will be run.

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Newsletter 130 | October 2014
Realise Your Product Promise with ANSYS virtual engineering solutions.
Welcome to our October newsletter. In this issue you will find useful product information, upcoming events, training courses, analysis tips and more.
ANSYS and Spaceclaim: a greater whole?
Model-based design has traditionally focused on a single systems modeling language. But now ANSYS has expanded that definition to include electronics, mechanical and embedded software engineering. ANSYS will incorporate Modelica, a broadly accepted and open standard for the behavioral modeling of mechanical, thermal and thermofluid systems, with ANSYS’ existing IEEE-backed VHDL-AMS modeling technology for electrical systems and its SCADE technology for embedded software.
DEM Solutions has worked with ANSYS to develop a co-simulation capability enabling engineers to access bulk material simulation data directly within ANSYS Workbench. The new ‘EDEM Add-In for ANSYS Workbench’ introduces a streamlined process to transfer material load data and will give equipment designers and manufacturers access to EDEM data in the familiar Workbench environment.
SpaceClaim Demo of the Week - Customising Shortcuts
ANSYS Releases SCADE v15.2 for Systems Engineering
Now with regional training locations across the UK IDAC can offer comprehensive ANSYS training courses encompassing a variety of subject matter, so that your company can make the best use of your software tools as quickly as possible.
IDAC are running a one day FEA & CFD Simulation workshop on the 22nd October in Croydon. This event will exhibit the capabilities of using simulation software in an engineering environment and aims to be informative and interactive. Each company that attends will receive a £250 voucher to redeem against any of IDAC’s services or software.
Events: Simulation Workshop 22nd October
Tips: Repositioning Analysis Systems in Workbench
Microsoft discontinued support for Windows XP in April 2014. In addition, less than 2% of SpaceClaim users are running Windows Vista. SpaceClaim made the decision to refocus resources currently dedicated to XP and VISTA technical support into other areas that would benefit a larger number of customers. To help affected customers plan their technology investments, SpaceClaim will continue to support Windows XP & VISTA through Service Pack 2 for SpaceClaim Engineer 2014, due in late Q2 2014.
Whittaker Engineering was asked to design and manufacture nozzles to fit inside a pulsation gas damper to ensure that no liquids made their way through the damper outlets into the compressors. IDAC were contracted to verify and modify the design of the outlet nozzles by taking all the output data from the compressors and simulating the gas flow using CFD techniques.
Case Study: Design Optimisation of Plastic Holding Tool
What people say...
         "Once again IDAC demonstrates that an FE model can do a better job of crash simulation than building and destroying actual hardware."
            - Ken Whittaker, Managing Director/Owner, Whittaker Engineering
9th - 10th Oct.
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29th - 30th Oct.
4th - 5th Nov.
10th - 11th Nov.
 Training: Upcoming ANSYS Courses
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