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Our newsletter is intended to keep the ANSYS user community fully up-to-date with useful product information, upcoming events, current training courses and will contain links where you can download a variety of information, read up on case studies, pick up top analysis tips, free downloads or just check our schedule of when the next ANSYS training courses will be run.

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Newsletter 139 | August 2015
Click to view video overview of ANSYS Academic
Welcome to our August newsletter. In this issue you will find useful product information, upcoming events, training courses, analysis tips and more.
Click to view video overview of ANSYS Academic

IDAC are able to supply and technically support all of your ANSYS educational software, as well as provide a lecturer/student voucher scheme for use with all ANSYS training courses*. Also, we will run update seminars for all new future software releases.*ANSYS training courses delivered by IDAC will count towards the NAFEMS PSE accreditation scheme. Contact us for more information on +44 (0)844 212 5900 |

Join us for this webinar on August 11th at 11am EDT or 3pm GMT to discover how customising treatments to incorporate patient-specific geometry opens the door to better, more successful care. Learn how to work with these geometries in a virtual environment to automate prototype testing of devices or to create customised treatment procedures.

Click to read more about ANSYS SpaceClaim for Biomedical industry webinar
Why Choose ANSYS High Performance Computing?

ANSYS High Performance Computing (HPC) provided by IDAC not only reduces simulation process time by up to 50%, leading to reduced design time and reduced costs, it's also very scalable to your needs and able to run across all operating system environments.

Now after parts are quickly repaired, optimise with an infill shell in a just a few button clicks. Users have complete control over sizing, orientation, and infill type. It's just another way SpaceClaim speeds up your product development. This video will give you a brief example of this impressive capability.

SpaceClaim Demo of the Week - Infill of 3D Printed Parts
Events: Ask the Experts - Simulation Workshop Click to Read More
An opportunity for you to meet our Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) Simulation experts and ask questions about your specialist fields. Attend and receive a £250 voucher to redeem against any of IDAC’s services or software.

Analysing a World Cup stadium with ANSYS multiphysics tools takes one-tenth the time of wind-tunnel testing. In this case study, validation had to be done in only 15 days, far less time than is required to build a scale model and test it in a wind tunnel.

Case Study: Knowing the Score
What people say...
         "HPC is also about increasing analysis accuracy by using larger and more complex models. Alternatively, the same hardware could be dedicated to solve a large number of smaller problems simultaneously — thus opening the door to design optimisation."
            - Herbert Güttler, General Manager, MicroConsult GmbH
11th - 12th Aug.
17th Aug.
18th - 19th Aug.
20th Aug.
26th Aug.
 Training: Upcoming ANSYS Courses
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