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ANSYS License Change Procedure
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Required if you Change, Replace or Rebuild your ANSYS License Server Machine

The ANSYS License Change form authorises release of a ANSYS license key for a new ANSYS License server. The license change can only be authorised by your company's ANSYS Support Co-ordinator (ASC). To determine your company's ASC please refer to your ANSYS License Schedule document.

Identify your existing and new server HostID. Please note, if you are setting up a license 'server' to host licenses on a network you only need to install the most up-to-date ANSYS FLEXlm Licensing software using adminstrator privileges ( for Windows 7 right-hand click and Run As Administrator ).

  • Once you have installed the software, go to “Start>Programs>ANSYS, Inc. License Manager>Server ANSLIC_ADMIN Utility>ANSLIC_ADMIN Utility>Display the License Server Hostid> OK”. You should see a window appear on your desktop containing your computer or server ‘HOSTNAME’ details. Alternatively, if you have not installed ANSYS yet, you can download and run the WinHost.exe ( file on the computer you plan on becoming your ANSYS license server (Company server or your actual computer).
  • Once you have ‘Create File’, save it to a safe place as you will need it later to input its details on the License Change Request Form. Example of HostID File

You will now need to identify your existing license file details in order to add this information to the License Change Request Form. You may already know where your ANSYS license key is stored but if you don’t the best way to find it is to look for a file called: license.dat which is usually found on your active license server in a folder called: C:\Program Files\ANSYS Inc\Shared Files\Licensing\. You can open this file using a standard text editor. Please see below example of a typical ANSYS license file: Example License File

Once you have your new server HostID and your existing license file you have enough information to complete the License Change Request Form. Please download and the files below to learn how to complete the form if you are unsure how to fill the form out.

Example ANSYS License Change Form based on the this Example License File. Please note that the IDTYPE is dependent on the number of characters in the FLEXID. IDTYPE E has 12 characters and IDTYPE D has 8 characters.

Please send your completed License Change Request Form via email to the following email addresses (Click here to email both CADFEM UK CAE Ltd. and ANSYS). We will get back to you with a new license in a few days.

If you require an emergency license key to allow you to continue working while you are waiting for your new key or require any advice on the above please feel free to contact +44 (0)844 212 5900


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