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Fluid Dynamics
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ANSYS CFD-Flo software addresses the fluid flow analysis needs of designers working on the front lines of their company’s product development process. The tool provides the physics models most commonly required by companies seeking to create better products faster and is compatible with other tools available within the ANSYS Workbench environment. The focused feature set and competitive cost of ANSYS CFD-Flo make it an ideal choice for companies with design departments that require access to CFD technology to improve their products and processes.

ANSYS computational fluid dynamics software helped develop the overall streamlined shape of the external fairing to minimize the underwater drag on a winged submersible.
Courtesy Hawkes Ocean Technologies


Product Features Include:

Fast and Accurate CFD Solver

ANSYS CFD-Flo contains the power of the ANSYS CFX computational fluid dynamics software package. For over 20 years, in a broad range of industries and applications, CFX has been trusted to deliver accurate results quickly. All the models work together and in parallel, leading to accurate and fast solutions. The ANSYS CFX solver includes leading-edge technology which provides the fast run times and the quick project turnaround required to efficiently integrate CFD into a design system.

Understand Your Designs

ANSYS CFD-Post provides a wealth of data that you simply cannot get from bench tests. Vector, streamline and contour plots give rapid insight into the three-dimensional nature of the flow. Easily-generated animated movies help to effectively communicate these results. Quantitative calculation capabilities provide the hard engineering numbers needed to evaluate and compare various design iterations so that the final product meets your requirements.

A Scalable Solution

With ANSYS CFX as the foundation, CFX-Flo provides access to a scalable suite of CFD products and features that ensure you will be able to include higher fidelity models, physics interactions and parallel processing as your demands on simulation increase. It is simple to add more functionality while continuing to seamlessly support and leverage the investment you have made in existing CAE assets.


Structural Analysis
Analysis Types
Δ = Limited set of feature capabilities
+ = Additional product required

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ANSYS Fluid Dynamics Brochure
ANSYS Capabilities
Heart and arterial flow field during heart muscle contraction Bisected view of rocket engine test stand
Bicycle air flow optimisation.
Courtesy Avanti
Fork jetstream.
Courtesy Avanti
Turbulent flow structures around landing gear Thermal stress analysis of a computer graphics card.
Seat-stay design for early design.
Courtesy Avanti
Simulation of final version of rear seat stay shows improved flow around wheel, as seen in CFD-Flo. Courtesy Avanti
ANSYS 16.0 Capabilities Chart | Download
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