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ANSYS nCode DesignLife
ANSYS Fatigue
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Making informed product design decisions to improve your product's durability is increasingly important in today’s highly competitive economic climate. Organizations are under pressure to reduce cost, decrease time to market and improve sustainability as well as push for longer product life. Product failure can result in recalls, high repair costs, legal liabilities and damage to a product brand. To be successful you need to reach the right balance in your product design. Designs that are too conservative are costly to manufacture and may not be competitive, while less conservative product designs may fail while in use.

Fatigue failure of a gear


Fatigue, a major source of product failure, can sometimes result in significant damage and injuries. When exposed to repeated cyclic loadings most products will eventually fail. Fatigue is caused by repeated or otherwise varying loads and only occurs from exposure to repetitive stress over time as microscopic changes become cracks that causes the malfunction. Breakdown of any product or part, even when not catastrophic, can result in hefty expenses. Optimizing the shape, size and materials employed by using simulation is the most cost-effective way to arrive at the desired product life.

Fatigue life contour of a seam-weld

Fatigue life contour of a seam-weld


The combination of reliable ANSYS structural mechanics technology and industry-leading simulation platform with time-tested durability capabilities from HBM delivers a product that is ideal for predicting product life. ANSYS nCode DesignLife enables engineers to evaluate product life using a complete fatigue simulation process. This process includes interfaces to CAD geometry, materials selection from engineering data in the ANSYS Workbench material library, automatic meshing, convenient application of initial conditions, simulation of the response of the structure and transfer of this information to the ANSYS nCode DesignLife module where the product life is determined, and optimisation can occur.

Product Features Include:

Using ANSYS nCode DesignLife technology, mechanical engineers can address complex product life and durability issues, all before a prototype is ever built.

Full Integration into ANSYS Workbench

ANSYS nCode DesignLife software is fully integrated into the ANSYS Workbench platform, so users benefit from the combined power of the two systems, including shared material models for fatigue in engineering data, easy click-and-drop problem setup, use of parameters for optimisation, and design exploration.

Parametric optimisation with ANSYS nCode DesignLife in ANSYS Workbench

Easy Analysis Setup with Click & Drag

Structural mechanics results can be combined with multiple lifecycle loadings by employing easy-to-use click-and-drag connections within an intuitive user interface. The ANSYS Workbench platform and the click-and-drag tools within ANSYS nCode DesignLife create a complete fatigue analysis environment. Once set up, product life simulation can be done with minimal user intervention when design changes are made or different criteria are required for the life of the product.

Multi-axial stress life analysis

Lightweight Results Viewer

A lightweight results view within the ANSYS Workbench project page enables quick and efficient visualisation of results.

Lightweight results viewer available on project page

Additional Tools Simplify Fatigue Life Calculations

  • Complete save and restore of the ANSYS nCode DesignLife workspace, including results
  • Use of Named Selections from the FEA simulations for assignment of materials in ANSYS nCode DesignLife
  • Grouped FEA element types for the use with spot weld fatigue analysis

High-Speed Solver

A large number of cyclic loadings can be applied in a matter of minutes with the high-speed solver within ANSYS nCode DesignLife. For very large complex models, parallel processing can be used to reduce the elapsed time for calculations. ANSYS nCode DesignLife parallel performance is highly efficient and improves linearly with the number of processors used.

Comprehensive Fatigue Analysis Capabilities

Various forms of analysis are available for short to long cyclic loading, including stress life, strain life, multi-axial safety factor, high-temperature fatigue and more.

Full Library of Material Models

The nCode material library, integrated within ANSYS Workbench as part of engineering data, can be used for structural mechanics analysis to ensure that the same material response is represented in the complete simulation.

Sampling from the ANSYS nCode DesignLife material library

Add-On Modules

ANSYS nCode DesignLife Parallel

Since ANSYS nCode DesignLife can take full advantage of parallel processing, parallel licenses can be utilized to reduce the time required to simulate large models with long lifecycle loadings.

ANSYS nCode DesignLife Vibration

This module adds the ability to perform vibration fatigue analysis and to simulate swept-sine and power spectral density (PSD) loadings.

ANSYS nCode DesignLife Accelerated Testing

This signal-processing package is complementary to the vibration option to accelerate virtual and physical vibration tests.

ANSYS nCode DesignLife Welds

This module provides fatigue life prediction for seam welds and spot welds.


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nCode DesignLife
ANSYS Fatigue
ANSYS Capabilities
Multi-axial stress life analysis Sampling from the ANSYS nCode DesignLife material library
Multi-axial stress life analysis Sampling from the ANSYS nCode DesignLife material library
Fatigue life contour of a seam-weld Lightweight results viewer available on project page
Fatigue life contour of a seam-weld Lightweight results viewer available on project page
ANSYS 16.0 Capabilities Chart | Download
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