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ANSYS Engineering Knowledge Manager (EKM)
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As businesses try to maximize shareholder value in today's complex and competitive global environment by increasing product innovation, shortening development cycles, and reducing costs to capture mind and market share, realistic simulation is a key driving force behind new product development. However, the ever-increasing complexity in the product development process and the explosion of data calls for effective ways to manage the simulation IP to leverage the value of simulation.

ANSYS EKM is the most comprehensive and intuitive end-to-end support system designed with special focus on the scale, scope, and purpose of CAE. It provides a comprehensive solution for simulation-based process and data management challenges. The solution delivers benefits to all levels of an enterprise, from the individual engineer interested in spending less time handling data and more time focusing on true engineering efforts, to the entire organization looking for increased productivity in the complete scope of simulation activities. It enables the enterprise to address the many critical issues associated with simulation data, including backup and archival, traceability and audit trail, process automation, collaboration and capture of engineering expertise, and IP protection.

ANSYS EKM is tightly integrated with other ANSYS simulation offerings, and it can be very easily integrated with other simulation codes, including legacy and other commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) software.


Simulation Process & Data Management Features Include:

Simulation Process & Data Management Features

Intuitive End-to-End Support System for CAE Data Management

With a focus primarily on improving the day-to-day activities of CAE practitioners, EKM — part of the ANSYS Workbench platform — is a comprehensive solution that lets you easily manage share and control simulation IP.

General Capabilities:

  • Data management
  • Integration and automation
  • Smart search
  • Data mining
  • Lifecycle history
  • Access management
  • Pedigree/dependencies
  • Dashboards
  • Relationships
  • Security

With an easy-to-use web interface, EKM allows you to very easily accommodate your current practices. Capabilities include creating custom project and work breakdown structures, and adding files to a repository from  a local file system or an external data storage device.  The data access on demand model allows efficient usage of available bandwidth between user and repository locations.

ANSYS EKM intuitive user interface

ANSYS EKM intuitive user interface

Scalability & Flexibility

ANSYS EKM is a truly scalable solution — easy to deploy and configure. The system provides entry points for both the single-user desktop and multi-user multi-site deployment, depending on your needs.

Data Management

Any digital file, including simulation files, can be managed in ANSYS EKM. When files are added to the ANSYS EKM repository, the metadata or user properties are automatically extracted from supported ANSYS simulation files. This metadata is used to search and retrieve the files as well as to create simulation detail and comparison reports. Data mining allows you to extract and share results from the simulation files. The configuration management supports version and revision control. The pedigree tracking function helps you to understand the implicit and explicit dependency in an intuitive, visual way.

Simulation data mining

Simulation data mining

Process & Workflow Management

You can create simulation workflows to manage all aspects of the simulation process. You can create, edit and publish the simulation workflows and lifecycle definitions. Open architecture and XML format, journal and recording, decision nodes, branching, iterations, email notification, progress tracking, sign-offs and batch job submission capabilities are available out of the box.

ANSYS EKM workflow definition

ANSYS EKM workflow definition

Access Management

ANSYS EKM software has a very low IT footprint/complexity, while providing full control for administration needs such as roles, access control, authentication and integration to external systems for authentication. The web-enabled interface in ANSYS EKM allows secure access to the data repository and compute server from local or wide-area networks. It enables you to view and access data or submit and track simulation jobs remotely.

ANSYS EKM access management

ANSYS EKM access management


Customised applications can be easily defined, posted and published using the web portal capability in ANSYS EKM. These customised applications allow even non-expert users to run specific analyses using posted templates, as well as to perform what-if analysis to determine if the simulation meets expectations.

Application of ANSYS EKM

Application of ANSYS EKM

Application of ANSYS EKM


EKM supports simple and advanced keyword, metadata, property and report-based search, with filtering based on object type, subprojects, etc. The tool automatically extracts simulation properties and other metadata from added files. Users can easily customise external format metadata extraction.

ANSYS EKM search capabilities

Search capabilities


EKM provides a host of reporting capabilities to allow performance metrics versus targets comparison, project status, and comparison of simulation property similarities and differences between multiple files and for result summaries.

Application of ANSYS EKM


Engineering Knowledge Manager (EKM) Brochure
ANSYS Capabilities
Heart and arterial flow field during heart muscle contraction Bisected view of rocket engine test stand
EKM supports single users and shared configurations with a flexible and simple licensing model. You can open and save ANSYS Workbench™ projects directly in EKM, which facilitates updating the local copy and versioning on current projects.
Turbulent flow structures around landing gear Thermal stress analysis of a computer graphics card.
With an easy-to-use web interface, EKM allows CAE users to easily accommodate current practices. EKM enables common visualization for all data types (CAD, CAE, etc.) via the VCollab® plug-in.
ANSYS 14.5 Capabilities
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