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ANSYS ICEM CFD meshing software starts with advanced CAD/geometry readers and repair tools to allow the user to quickly progress to a variety of geometry-tolerant meshers and produce high-quality volume or surface meshes with minimal effort. Advanced mesh diagnostics, interactive and automated mesh editing, output to a wide variety of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and finite element analysis (FEA) solvers and multiphysics post-processing tools make ANSYS ICEM CFD a complete meshing solution. ANSYS endeavors to provide a variety of flexible tools that can take the model from any geometry to any solver in one modern and fully scriptable environment.


Features of ANSYS ICEM CFD include:

  • Intuitive built-in geometry creation and highly automated functionality for modifying and repairing imported CAD data
  • Ability to work with both NURBs and faceted geometry types such as STL or existing meshes
  • Robust tools for creating all mesh types including hexahedral, tetrahedral, prism, pyramid, quad, tri or bar elements
  • Highly tolerant of imperfect/overdetailed CAD data containing sliver surfaces, gaps, holes and overlaps (patch independence)
  • Smoothing, coarsening, refinement, element type conversion, linear or quadratic element support
  • More than 100 computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and computer-aided engineering (CAE) solver interface formats
  • File-based transfer of CFD and structural results for fluid–structure interaction simulations
  • Automated batch processing through an intuitive scripting framework

Engineers and analysts need to learn only one software environment to pre-process and post-process the many simulation and analysis codes often used within a work environment.

Product Features Include:


The ANSYS ICEM CFD Visual3 post-processor is flexible, scriptable and customizable. It can post-process from a number of CFD and FEA results formats, and it supports structured, unstructured and hybrid grids. ICEM CFD Visual3 provides an in-depth view of data with visualization tools such as cutting planes, contouring, iso-surfaces, streamlines, line plots, data probes and animation. Features such as a CFD function calculator and an intuitive user interface make ANSYS ICEM CFD Visual3 a powerful interpretation tool of computed results. One-way fluid–structure interaction (FSI) can easily be set up between a variety of solvers. CFD results, such as pressure or temperature, can be interpolated onto an FEA mesh as loads and then exported to a range of FEA solvers.  

While Visual3 may meet or exceed many needs, the focus is shifting to newer post-processing tools within the ANSYS Workbench environment, such as ANSYS CFD-Post — and consideration of these options is recommended.

Output Interfaces

ANSYS ICEM CFD offers output interfaces to more than 100 different CAE formats, including support for all major CFD solvers, neutral formats such as CGNS, and FEA solvers such as ANSYS structural mechanics products, ANSYS LS-DYNA, ABAQUS® and NASTRAN®.

Mesh Diagnostics & Editing

ANSYS ICEM CFD meshing software includes industry-leading mesh diagnostic and repair capabilities. In addition to incorporating comprehensive mesh checks, it includes a wide variety of quality metrics and other tools for mesh diagnosis and repair. Interactive mesh editing functions allow for precise control of node location, splitting of edges, creation of elements and much more. Automatic operations include smoothing, coarsening/refining, remeshing, and merging hexa and tetra meshes. All mesh editing functions respect the geometry features, maintaining geometric integrity.

Complete Meshing Suite

Many flexible mesh generation tools within ANSYS ICEM CFD offer the capability to parametrically create volume or surface meshes from geometry or mesh in multiblock structured, unstructured hexahedral, Cartesian, tetrahedral prism, hexa hybrid and unstructured quad/tri shell formats. 

ANSYS ICEM CFD software includes surface patch-independent mesh methods for generating shell, tetrahedral or hexahedral meshes. Patch independence allows the user to selectively capture important geometric features yet ignore flaws, such as slivers or gaps. These meshers can accommodate significant defects in the geometry without requiring repair. 

ANSYS ICEM CFD Hexa uses a primarily top-down blocking approach to efficiently hex mesh complex models without the need to subdivide the geometry. ANSYS ICEM CFD Hexa offers interactive and automated tools that provide a high degree of quality and control for hex meshing. The blocking is scriptable and parametric and can be associated with topologically similar geometries, saving work on successive models and empowering simulation to lead design.

Direct CAD Interfaces

Industry-leading CAD and geometry support is key to increased productivity with ANSYS ICEM CFD meshing software. A  wide range of direct CAD interfaces, geometry readers, faceted geometry readers and mesh import are supported. Components from different formats can easily be combined within one meshing session. 

Available for all major CAD environments, unique direct CAD Interfaces allow boundary conditions and mesh parameters to be applied within the CAD system and carried all the way through to the solver. Parametric modeling is simplified, as this information is preserved with the original CAD model, even throughout design modifications. These interfaces enable the CAD model to be transferred directly into ANSYS ICEM CFD software, avoiding the cleanup often required with third-party formats such as STEP, IGES or STL. 

ANSYS ICEM CFD can read and repair third-party CAD, such as STEP, IGES, ACIS®, Parasolid®, DWG/DXF, IDI and GEMS. Users can take advantage of the ability to import and repair many forms of faceted data (STL, VRML, etc.) and formatted point clouds. There are options to import mesh and convert surface mesh to faceted geometry, including feature capture.

Flexible parametric CAD geometry and faceted geometry support combined with geometry-tolerant patch independent meshers within ANSYS ICEM CFD can reduce or eliminate the need for CAD repair or NURBS surfacing of faceted geometries.

ANSYS ICEM CFD Technology in ANSYS Meshing

A key component of the ANSYS solution is to unify the company's best meshing technologies into the ANSYS Meshing platform, making this technology available within the ANSYS Workbench environment. Development teams have combined key ANSYS ICEM CFD technology, such as shell meshing, tetra/prism and hexa MultiZone, with the best technology available within TGrid, GAMBIT, CFX Mesh and ANSYS structural mechanics products to form the comprehensive ANSYS Meshing tool. Improvements have been made in the implementing and integrating these methods to make the modern, parametric and persistent, highly automated, physics-aware, and flexible meshing tools easily accessible to ANSYS ICEM CFD users, The ANSYS Meshing solution works with the current ANSYS ICEM CFD (aienv) and ANSY ICEM CFD Tetra (aitetra) keys.

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ANSYS Capabilities
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A hex-dominant mesh of a passenger cabin (generated with the ANSYS IcemCFD Cabin Modeler) also showing streamlines coming from the ventilation ducts. The CAD geometry of the oar blade is used for CFD analysis.
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